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This, is a private place, for members only. A place where only those of us who are directly affected by ME/CFS and other neuro-immune disorders can communicate with, and learn from, one another privately. Our names and contact information are held in the strictest confidence and never shared with any other party or used for any commercial purpose. We invite you to join us.

We also offer an open access, public site at: cfsKnowledgeCenter.com. It is designed to provide information and public resources on our disease to anyone from around the world who are affected by ME/CFS.


If videos such as that of Dr. Klimas above and others, as well as our Personal Stories section and our Worldwide Map help you to understand and cope with ME/CFS and to locate and communicate with others around the world, we would appreciate your support.

Welcome to ME-CFSCommunity.com

The ME-CFSCommunity is a private community reserved for those individuals from around the world who wish to learn from, and directly communicate with, those who are affected by ME/CFS and related conditions.

Access to this website beyond the Home page is limited to MEMBERS ONLY to protect their privacy.

The mission of the ME-CFSCommunity website is to help members move beyond the challenges of the disease. To facilitate the free and open exchange of information between those who know the most about the true impact of the affliction and are the most affected by it.

Membership in our ME-CFSCommunity is FREE and VERY PRIVATE. Our membership roster is not shared with any other organization nor used for any commercial purpose.

To learn more about servere fatigue, ME/CFS (aka: chronic fatigue syndrome) and related conditions please refer to www.cfsKnowledgeCenter.com, our open-access website.

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Personal Stories

Personal Stories | Your Story

Watch Cort Johnson of HealthRising.org talk about his affliction with ME/CFS on the Personal Stories page.

Personal video & photo essays on how others are dealing with the challenges of ME/CFS.
Your Story is a page devoted to whatever you care to choose to share about yourself.

Cort Johnson is the preeminent journalist in the world on ME/CFS and the very latest ME/CFS medical research.

His blog on is a must-read for anyone (physicians as well as patients and others) who are affected by ME/CFS and related conditions.

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